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Welcome To Atlantis Mega Media!

Atlantis Mega Media (AMM) is a video production and digital solutions company providing video production, marketing, community outreach, technical expertise, online entertainment and youth education that connects brands with audiences in mega ways. Our experience, industry knowledge and vast network of experts allow us to deliver victory on all projects. Atlantis Mega Media has a proven track record of partnering with clients to deliver excellence. Our history of work ranges from large initiatives with live production and corporate sponsorships to small shoots requiring quick post-production work.

Atlantis Mega Media is an Atlanta based company and a proud member of the Georgia Production Partnership. Even though Georgia and its continuously growing film industry is always on our mind, we deliver services to a diverse group of clients, throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, China, India, Africa and the Caribbean. Our mission is to always deliver mega solutions that bring victory to brands, people and communities. Each of our services supports the VICTORY positioning that guides everything we do.

V ideo Production
I nternet Marketing
C ommunity Outreach
T echnology
O nline Entertainment
R emote Production
Y outh Education

As an active member of the Georgia Production Partnership, AMM will always deliver exceptional quality and creative excellence, while telling compelling stories that connect with your audiences in a unique way. The company is guided by 90 years of industry expertise and experience to the television, film and entertainment landscape.